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We believe that martial arts is an important part of physical and mental development, and we want to make sure that our classes are the right fit for you. That's why we offer a 10-day trial period for just $10. During this trial, you can attend our classes and get a feel for what martial arts can do for you. Our instructors will be available to answer any questions you have and help you get the most out of your experience. At the end of the 10 days, you can decide if our classes are the right fit for you and join us in our martial arts journey.



Our casual class is the perfect option for those who can't commit to regular training. We welcome everyone to come along and join us for a one-off session - no commitment necessary! Whether you're a beginner or a seasoned martial artist, we invite you to join us for a casual class.



Our adult memberships are designed for those who want to take their martial arts training to the next level. Our adult memberships provide unlimited classes, so you can train as often as you like. We offer both weekly and fortnightly payment options, so you can choose a plan that suits your budget. Our membership rates are competitive and offer high quality training at an affordable price. With no lock in contracts, you can cancel your membership at any time. 



At our martial arts academy, we believe in offering our students the best value for their money. Our prices are affordable and designed to make martial arts accessible to everyone. For teens aged 13 - 17, our weekly fee is just $35. Even better, if your teen ( 13-17Y ) and a sibling would like to train together, we offer special packages that can help you save even more. Our classes are taught by experienced instructors and are designed to help your teen reach their martial arts goals. We look forward to seeing you in our classes!



Our martial arts school is family owned and operated, so we understand that affordability for families is a top priority. We offer kids and teen unlimited memberships, with discounts for siblings and family packages

Our martial arts program offers many benefits for children. Through martial arts, children learn discipline, respect for themselves and others, and improved physical fitness. Martial arts classes also help children develop improved concentration, focus, and self-esteem.



We believe in honouring and supporting our Veterans and their families. We are proud to offer discounts to defence Veterans with Gold or White cards. We understand the importance of physical and mental health, and how Martial Arts can benefit both therefore we want to help our Veterans and their families to train in Martial Arts. If you are a Veteran we will work to put together packages to suit your needs and budget since one of our goals is to make Martial Arts available to all our Veterans and their families. We are here to support you.



Private sessions at our martial arts facility offer one-on-one or small group instruction tailored to your individual goals and needs. Our experienced instructors will provide personalized attention to help you break down technique and practice at your own pace. Private sessions are a great way to improve your skills and gain confidence in your martial arts journey. They also offer an opportunity for the instructor to give you advice and help you progress. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced martial artist, private sessions can help you achieve your goals.



Our martial arts facility offers comprehensive workshops for a variety of groups and purposes. We can organise workshops for schools, those with disabilities, and for self defence. We also have football grappling clinics available. Costs vary depending on the size of your group, with quotes available per head and dependant on duration of the workshop. Contact us today to discuss your workshop requirements!

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