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  • Who are the coaches at Unite Mixed Martial Arts?
    Our coaching team includes a BJJ Black Belt with experience in both Rugby League and Grappling. As well as experience competing in MMA. We also have Rugby League players who have successfully transitioned to Grappling, bringing their expertise and experience to our training programs.
  • How can Grappling benefit Rugby League players?
    Grappling offers a range of benefits including improved tackling techniques and takedowns, enhanced grappling skills and ground control, increased agility and flexibility, better understanding of body positioning and leverage, and injury prevention through improved body awareness and conditioning.
  • Why should Rugby League players consider training at Unite Mixed Martial Arts?
    Our gym offers a unique fusion of Rugby League and Grappling expertise, tailored to elevate performance both on and off the field. Many Rugby League players have found significant gains in their performance through participating in our specialised training sessions.
  • What kind of training do you offer for Rugby League players at Unite Mixed Martial Arts?
    We specialise in organising and conducting Grappling for Rugby League Clinics and Training sessions tailored for players. Additionally, we offer NOGI (Grappling ) General Classes for Adult and Teens that provide supplementary training opportunities for Rugby League players,
  • What is in a Grappling for Rugby League Clinic or Program?
    Our Grappling for Rugby League Clinics incorporate a variety of grappling techniques and drills that are directly applicable to Rugby League. We focus on aspects such as takedowns, ground control, and defensive strategies, all adapted to suit the dynamic nature of Rugby League gameplay. We merge grappling and Rugby League seamlessly by tailoring our training approach to the specific needs and requirements of Rugby League players and the age group they play in. Our coaches, with their experience in both sports, understand the nuances of Rugby League gameplay and incorporate grappling techniques that directly translate to improved performance on the field. Through a combination of drills, sparring sessions, and scenario-based training, we ensure that Rugby League players develop the grappling skills necessary to excel in their sport while also enhancing their overall athleticism and resilience.
  • How do we set up an off-season program for our Rugby League team?
    Get in touch with us to set up a program via email or call us on 0487049541 for availability. We recommend setting up an off-season program that includes intensive training sessions at least once or twice a week. This allows players to build on their grappling skills gradually. Grappling techniques, including warm-ups that involve dynamic movements, require consistent practice to master. However, the advantages gained from this commitment are invaluable for Rugby League players.
  • What mental benefits can be gained from this type of training?
    Engaging in Grappling live training fosters mental toughness and fortitude. Players become accustomed to facing challenges, including losses and setbacks, and learn to persevere through adversity. This resilience not only enhances performance on the footy field but also translates to success in various aspects of life
  • What other benefits does training at Unite Mixed Martial Arts offer for Rugby League players?
    Training in our Striking Classes, including Boxing, Kicking, and Kneeing, offers the opportunity to enhance reflexes and quick reactions. Additionally, NOGI/Grappling sessions contribute significantly to Rugby League skills, aiding in slowing down the pace, executing initial takedowns, and regulating the speed of the ruck. Our classes are designed not only to enhance cardiovascular fitness and explosiveness but also to build resilience, qualities that seamlessly translate to improved performance in Rugby League. Moreover, participation in MMA can refine the timing of takedowns, which directly correlates to effective tackling techniques. Please note that our MMA classes are invitational depending on each persons ability to handle the live training aspect.
  • What age groups are suitable for Grappling Clinics at your gym?
    If you would like to set up a team Grappling Clinic, we accept kids in U13s and above for Grappling for Football Clinics training due to the technical aspect and the focus/attention span required. However, we also offer General BJJ and MMA classes for kids with tiered pricing to suit the children participating in multiple sports.
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